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Mold Testing Service

Lab Analysis turn around times is a standard of 24 hours or even that same day !!! An example is if a sample received by close of business will be out by close business on the next business day. Please call 1-800-427-0550 for pricing information. All pricing includes sampling materials at no charge. Sample Materials Available: ~ Air-O-Cell Cassette ~ P5 Cassette* ~ P10 Cassette* ~ Biosis ~ Slides ~ Swabs ~ Tape or Bulk ~ Carpet Cartidge ~ Bio-Tape ~ Petri Dish

AirPro Package

  • AirPro Pump with Case
  • Tri-Pod
  • 24 Lab Fees
  • 24 Air Sampling Cassettes


*Not available outside the United States







Dear Valued Customer: Thank you for “Going Green” and helping us to do our part with protecting the environment.
For more than 20 years, PRO-LAB has been purchasing, distributing, and accumulating plastic air sampling cassettes that we have analyzed for our customers in our AIHA Accredited Lab. Rather than throwing the plastic cassette bodies away we decided to create a process to clean, recycle the cassette bodies and remanufacture the cassettes.

PRO-LAB P5 and P10 Air Sampling Cassettes are produced by using RECYCLED cassette bodies The previously exposed cassette bodies are each sanitized and sterilized and then they are reloaded with a new glass cover slip, and a new specialized adhesive designed for a better collection of indoor particulate. All remanufactured cassettes are produced under stringent quality control processes in a clean room environment to ensure compliance with all industry specifications. Remanufactured cassettes are subject to performance variations from the original cassette. The P5 and P10 cassettes have an unconditional warranty from PRO-LAB. The P5 and P10 Air Sampling Cassettes have NOT been endorsed or approved by the original manufacturer and DO NOT fall under the original manufacturer’s warranty.

All remanufactured PROLAB P5 / P10 cassettes comply with following stringent steps in a clean room environment:
1. Cassette Processing:
• The once exposed cassette bodies are stripped of all original stickers;
• Each cassette body is completely examined to ensure it is free of any signs of wear and tear, which ensures that the cases are not damaged or have any other deformities that could make them function incorrectly;
• Each cassette is sanitized and sterilized using a proprietary process;
• Each cassette goes through a final processing inspection to ensure that no foreign material is present.
2. Reloading Process:
• The reprocessed cassette bodies are loaded with all new premium components (glass cover slip, and a new specialized adhesive);
• Each cassette is then assembled using new unique PRO-LAB stickers around the circumference of the cassette body and the top and bottom openings; and
• Each cassette goes through a final inspection to ensure quality of the finished product.


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