Mold Assessor & Remediation
Training & Exam


Wednesday July 17th and Thursday July 18th
9am – 6pm

PRO-LAB® HQ in Weston, Florida
1675 North Commerce Parkway
Weston, FL 33326


  • 14 Hours CE Credits $295
  • Assessor License $999
  • Remediation License $999
  • Assessor and Remediation License $1,499


*Students taking the exam should bring a computer on the second day.
**Before registering, please make sure you meet the requirements below.

The State Requires 4 years related experience with no particular higher education just a high school diploma; or 1 year related experience with a 2 year degree or higher in any of the sciences. See the DBPR application for more information. Your experience in Home Inspection, contracting/remodeling, water damage restoration, insurance adjusting, plumbing, AC for example can qualify.



Although it is not mandatory to study before the 2 day class, for best results in passing the exam we recommend that you read through the online training materials. These are a series of PowerPoint files that cover the information that we will also be covering in class; and it also includes sample review questions and answers that help you prepare for the exam.


  • FACE MASK (optional)

PRO-LAB® is AIHA-LAP EMLAP Accredited at the Florida location under the accredited laboratory identification #163230 and participates in the AIHA-PAT EMPAT Programs (Environmental Microbiology Proficiency Analytical Testing).This program has been developed for microbiology laboratories specializing in the analysis of microorganisms commonly detected in air, fluids and bulk samples. This program serves as an external quality control to measure our laboratory’s accuracy and to verify that the performance of our lab is in line with other labs performing the same analyses. Several times during the year, “blind” samples are sent to our laboratory to be analyzed and returned to the proficiency testing provider. These results are then compared to other laboratories using the same testing method and a “report card” is issued to our laboratory. Regular participation in the proficiency program assures our customers of our laboratory’s analytical quality.

PRO-LAB® clients include home inspectors, industrial hygienists, environmental engineers, IAQ professionals, remediation companies, air duct cleaners, A/C contractors, builders, other laboratories, realtors, mortgage companies, state DEP offices, state and local public health departments, schools, universities, hospitals, insurance companies, landlords, attorneys, and doctors.

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This training consists of two days of hands-on workshops, with special emphasis on assessing and writing protocols for real estate transaction and insurance claims. You’ll learn about the following:

  • industry standards of practice and mold safety
  • moisture intrusion and mold
  • mold report writing and remediation protocols
  • water and mold inspections for insurance carriers

You must bring a laptop in order to take the exam at the end of the second course day.

“Our goal is to provide you the best prices, fastest turnaround, accurate online results, and outstanding customer service.”

– Jamie E. McDonnell IV


At PRO-LAB®, we pride ourselves on adhering to a strict quality control process in every aspect of our laboratory, including double-checking samples. Our new app available on both iTunes and Google Play has revolutionized how samples are submitted to the lab. The app provides push notifications so you will never wonder if your reports are complete.

Our team of experts has the knowledge, experience and resources to assist in any environmental investigation. We are confident that PRO-LAB’s quality laboratory will fulfill all of your environment testing needs.


It took a long time, a lot of hard work and dedication for us to attain our leadership position in the environmental testing industry. However, an organization is only as strong as its customers and the relationships they create. We recognize that without our valued customers, PRO-LAB® would not be where we are today. 

With outstanding customer service, the best price and turnaround time in the industry and our dedication to you, our customer. There is no wonder why PRO-LAB continues to dominate the industry. Let us show you why PRO-LAB® is the right choice for you.



As the leader in environmental testing, we not only provide the quality you would expect from an AIHA accredited laboratory, but what truly sets PRO-LAB® apart is the fact that we offer the best of both worlds – the most competitive prices and the most outstanding level of service in the industry. In addition, we are committed to delivering the industry’s fastest turn-around times.

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